Each Mask created by Fantasy Guilde Studios is handcrafted from natural materials. Each is unique in that some variations in texture and some material 'flaws' are to be expected as part of the signature of this process. Like wrinkles on our friends we come to love these special traits.

Preventing Damage:
There are three basic ways to make your mask unhappy -

1. Scratching the surface. Your mask is polychromed (painted) leather. The surface can be easily scratched or abraded if not treated with respect. While this will not harm the structure of the mask, beating it up will detract from its appearance. So please, be nice. Don't lay it face down, run wildly headfirst through the briar patch or wear it while home-neutering your cat.

2. Breaking the
shape. Mashing it into a suitcase or stuffing it into a drawer is a sure-fire way to break the set (shaping) of your mask. We don't recommend you sleep in it, either. Waving it around and generally letting it flex like a cheap latex mask will also soon break the set of the leather.  If you do not intend to hang it up (when not being worn, see below) please pack it gently away, supporting the shape and being especially mindful of any tips, antennae or curly bits. Please note that whatever distortion you let the mask stay in for a length of time is the shape it will be in when you retrieve it. The mask will relax into whatever distortion it is placed in. That can usually be reversed, it just takes a bit of time.

Getting it wet. Your mask is made by a process known as water forming, or wet forming. If the mask becomes soaking wet it will relax back to a flat piece of leather - probably not what you intend. Do not wear it in the rain, don't go snorkeling in it, don't stick it in the dishwasher. Humidity may soften it slightly but should not cause a problem if it's otherwise treated nicely. Sweating to the point that the mask gets soaked is just like dropping it in water - so be mindful on hot, humid days or under (ahem) strenuous circumstances.


Your mask does not need to be oiled, waxed, sealed or treated in any way. Really. Please don't. To keep it clean, a  new, natural bristle 1" paintbrush from the hardware store works great as a small dust brush. If absolutely necessary, the surface may be gently blotted with a damp - NOT wet - cloth that does not leave lint. Please do NOT vigorously rub the surface or you may quickly start removing the coloration!


The best way to display your mask is to wear it. But, okay, maybe some of you can't do that all the time. The next best way is to hang it on your wall. Drive two picture hooks, push-pins or large-headed nails (like roofing nails) into the wall slightly less than the distance apart as are the cords on the mask. Then tie the cords taut without distorting the mask and hang it on the hangers. You may have to play with this a bit to get it right. Some designs may require a third nail (for this we recommend a large finish nail) supporting the tip of the nose to prevent it tipping downward. If you just hang it on one hook or nail it will eventually sag and distort over time... so, don't. Also please note that some masks simply can not be successfully hung on the wall. For these I would recommend a wig stand, mannequin head or some other creative solution, as long as it doesn't distort the mask.

A Note: Whether you decide to hang and/or display your mask, or carefully pack it away, you should always wear it occasionally even if only to goof around or show it off. A lonely mask is a sad and pathetic sight. Wearing it will help maintain and revitalize it's shape, make you more aware of any impending problems and might just brighten your day. Go on, try it.


Many of the trials and tribulations your mask may experience should simply be chalked up to the life of the piece and regarded as characteristics acquired over time. Other wounds and problems can be easily fixed, especially the loss of a cord or the delamination of glued parts. If it is convenient for you to catch me at one of the events I vend through, I'll be glad to examine and hopefully resolve the problem. Otherwise, write or email me (below) and we'll see what can be done. Most repairs are done at no charge, while others - especially if determined to be the result of neglect or abuse - are charged accordingly. Alas, I usually can not perform miracle resurrection on the victims of mask homicide.


Please feel free to Email Fantasy Guilde Studios concerning me, my work, the care of your purchases, custom designs, new orders, unsolicited praise or the content of this site. I can also be reached via the ancient process of writing, and mailing it to:

Larry Wood
Fantasy Guilde Studios
PO Box 127
Crownsville, MD 21032-0127

(During certain times of year, expect a delay in response!)

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